China Economic International 2017 Award Ceremony

Issuing time:2018-03-21 15:50

Great works require unswerving spirit.-- voltaire

China Economic International 2017 Annual Conference Recognition

Outstanding Employee Award

Give us a sea to cut the waves, give us a horse to run forward.We sweat in the China Economic of this land, we soar in the China Economic of the sky.Our home in the China Economic through refining steel, unity struggle is strength, like the excellent eagle in  the sky, so that our cause to brilliant.
     Prize-winner:He Hanbao、Fen Yingshan、Zhou Yanfen、Liu Wei、Bi Yubo、Chen Yuanyuan、Zhang Juncai、Chen Ying、Wang Tao、Guo Yuanyuan、Zhang Zongyang.

Excellent general agent, director, engineer award

The blue of the sea is the reflection of the sky, and the forward movement of the ChinaEconomic ship is the guide of the navigation mark. Because they are the backbone forces and the guarantee for the career success of the China Economic economy.
     Prize-winner:Excellent general agent Meng Fanchen excellent director Tao Zhenjiang/Wang Chunlin, excellent engineer Li yu, excellent cost engineer Liu Chaomin.

Outstanding Newcomer Award

As in the Changjiang River the waves behind drive on those before,so each new generation excels the last one.When spring comes, new shoots come out in the vast woodland.When the golden autumn comes, the fruits of the harvest show the strength of the superior new person and bring hope to the middle and economic undertakings.When the spring comes, the vast Linhaizhong spit out new shoots; When the autumn comes, the harvest fruit shows the strength of the advantage newcomer and brings hope to the China Economic cause.
     Prize-winner:Wang Dongmei、Guo Hua、Wu Dong、Zhou Huifei、Li Pu、Wang Jinhui.

Personal Outstanding Contribution Award

China Economic home  can not be closed, a branch of apricot out of the wall. On the China Economic road, they left their shining footprints. In the China Economic hundred garden, the unique brilliant, is our model to learn.
      Prize-winner:Wang LiangzhiGe HengtaoWu Chuanjun.

Special performance award

The sun shows the power of the sun, and the team's performance is also shining in the China Economic Homeworld. They have re- created glory in the China Economic  cause.

Prize- winner:Tendering ShanXi branch, tendering LiaoNing branch, tendering  Qin Huangdao branch.

Best Management Team Award

In their hearts, there is a realm of unity between heaven and man, in accordance  with the rhyme of the five elements, reaching heaven and earth. Without rules, management isthe hope of enterprise development, and management is a beacon of success  for enterprises.

Prize- winner:Propaganda Department, Bidding Enterprise Management  Department, Bidding GuangDong Branch, Bidding HeBei Branch, Supervision Finance  Department, Supervision Enterprise Management Department.

Best Performance Team Award

Wide gathering of talents to forge ahead, The sea holds a hundred rivers together  in splendor, United to make great achievements, team spirit shine.

Prize- winner:Tendering Operations Department, Tendering JiLin Branch, Tendering GuangXi Branch, Tendering Inner Mongolia Branch, Tendering HeiLongjiang Branch,  Supervision General Office Management Department, Supervision HeTian Branch

Best Support Contribution Award

Fall red is not a heartless thing, turn into spring mud more care flowers.Unity is  strength,dedication shining light, team support each other, great love to create brilliant.

Prize- winner:Tenders ShanXi branch, tenders QingHai branch, tenders HeBei  branch, tenders LiaoNing branch, tenders HeiLongjiang branch.

Best ticketing contribution award

They made innovations and wrote a new chapter in the development of China  Economic cinema. They watered the flowers of the film network with hard sweat. They  opened up the road of China Economic cinema with their struggles. They accumulated rich experience with wisdom and made China Economic tomorrow brilliant.

Prize- winner:Tenders LiaoNing branch, tenders HeBei branch, tenders GuangXi branch, tenders SiChuan branch.

Best Loyalty Award

Everything in life is changing. What will remain unchanged is our loyalty to our  faith and career.Loyalty is the cornerstone of a successful career. Loyalty is the source of happiness. Loyalty is the magic weapon that propels history forward.In the vast sea, the chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Ke Rimu, led us to greet the waves and set sail.  The giant wheel carries theideals of the Chinese people, serves shareholders and society, and pursues excellence and glory. Let us, on this great ship, unite and help each other, work hard for the benefit of the people, use loyalty and struggle to realize the ideals of the people of China Economic , and let the successors of our homeland stay forever.

Prize-winner:Gao ZhanJin HuilingLu ShiqiangRen XiangliXu TingtingYang XiaoguangLiu GuomingZhang SixianMa XingkeZhang LeiZhao JiumeiXie XiangLi JiguangChen DongfangSun JingzhiChen Jing.