China Economic International 2017 Conference Ends Successfully

Issuing time:2018-03-21 15:51
Do not forget the original intention, go forward courageously, meet China Economic Internationalnew era   (与会的家人们扫码入场)

From March 10 to March 11, 2018, "China International 2017 Annual Work Summary and Resource Sharing Conference" was held in the conference hall of Beijing's Langleys Xishan Garden Hotel.From the 19 professional groups and subsidiaries of the 3 major management groups across the country, nearly 500 senior executives and elite backbone  teams gathered together to sum up the exchange of experience and plan theblueprint for development.



The conference was opened in the loud and clear “The Song Of China  Economic  International People”of all the participants.After the opening remarks of the Chairmanof the Board of Directors of China  Economic International Capital, Mr. Li Yu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr.Ke Rimu, made the China Economic

International 2017 annual report of work.


The chairman of the board of directors,Mr.Ke Rimu,made a comprehensive  summary of the development of China Economic International Cooperation in 2017,and put forward the development ideas and work goals of the 2018 and the future. By the chairman / President  of the China  Economic International various professional groups,  the2017 marketing work, team development and the 2018 work plan were reported. At  the same time, they share their respective development resources.


At the meeting, we commended the advanced collectives and advanced individuals of various group companies in 2017. During the meeting, various professional groups,   such as tendering, supervision and consultation, summarized, exchanged and  discussed the development trend of their respective business fields, the guidance of  national policy, and carried out related business training.


In the face of complex and severe economic situation and more and more fierce  market competition, the professional groups of China Economic International have  always insisted on the market orientation, strive to optimize the management mode,  promote the continuous reform and innovation of the enterprises, actively adapt to the new normal, strive to advance steadily, fortitude forward, and have withstood the  comprehensive deepening of the reform and market Test.The meeting fully affirmed  that theoperation, management and team construction of the various professional  group companies have been on a new stage, making the China Economic International all aspects a new  appearance,new achievements and new development.


In 2017, the tasks of China Economic International were fully completed and the  goals were basically achieved.In particular, in terms of the development of enterprises,  business teams have grown rapidly: in 2017, China Economic International Holding  Group successfully formed design groups, construction groups, environmental  monitoring groups, surveying and mapping groups, tourism groups, and hospital  management groups based on the original 12 professional groups.7 professional groupcompanies and 13 branches; The three major groups of bidding, supervision and  consulting have a total of 61 newly established branches. As of the end of the year, a  total of 157 branches have been completed and started to operate nationwide,  covering more than 140 prefecture- level cities across the country. In other areas, new investment projects, such as agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry, have gained  momentum; The film and television culture industry has gained initial experience in  team building and project planning and operation, which has laid a good foundation  for future development. Financial, human and administrative enterprise operation and management systems have been further standardized, and the level of management  services has been improved in an all-round way.  

All participants in the meeting have established the China Economic International  Holding Group, China International Holding Group, and China Economic International Group 3 major management groups,19 professional group companies, and 65  subsidiaries,and full of pride; The next step is to continue to develop and expand seven business groups such as tendering,supervision,consulting,design,environmental  assessment, surveying, and construction, and to shape the China Economic International Operating System that can jointly and cooperatively operate and develop independent operations, full of expectations; In the next 3- 5 years, the above seven  groups will develop 1,000 branches throughout the country, catering groups will create more than 2,000 He Tian restaurants,and media groups will build 1,000 movie theaters  across the country, express full  support.  

After the theme meeting of the annual meeting, all participants also participated in the Gala Dinner.At the beginning of the dinner, with the toast of Mr. Ke Rimu,  chairman of the board of directors, all the participants were celebrating the new year  for a better wish for the future of China Economic International.On the stage of the  Gala Dinner, employees created and performed colorful art programs. The chairman of  the board of directors, Mr. Ke Rimu, and the chairmen of the various groups are both  serious and humorous poetry recitation of "Spring Song", so that everyone can  appreciate the spirit of international struggle through the world in laughter; The  energetic dance "Starting with Happiness" expresses the staff's best wishes for the  future of China and China. The melodious Guzheng song "Celadon" and the beautiful  classical dance "Ban Husha" are combined to make everyone intoxicated; Eight female employees full of charm "Qipao Show" shows the company's female employees ' appreciation and love of traditional beauty; The exciting raffle, interspersed with the  whole process of the gala dinner, set off a period of climax, the atmosphere of joy is  unforgettable.

With the draw of the Gala Dinner and He Tianyu Award, the curtain of the art  performance,and the dinner party ended,the China Economic International  Cooperation  Association's 2017 meeting successfully completed the tasks of the conference.


Looking back at 2017,the China Economic International people will work harder in  the new year.Looking forward to 2018,companies and employees from all over China  and China have the same goals and full of confidence. Together, we hope that  tomorrow will be even more brilliant.