China Economic International 2017 annual conference is grandly held

Issuing time:2018-03-16 15:54

China Economic international holdings group holds a grand 2017 annual meeting at the Lang Li Zi Xi Shan garden hotel on March 10- 11, 2018.In  addition to the work meeting, the annual dinner themed "China Economic  Talent, show my beauty" and "China Economic night- - keep in mind the  original intention, integrate dreams and fly into 2018" is the most dazzling  pearl and most inspiring feast.After the successful end of the annual meeting, let us  go through the video for relive the unforgettable moments of wonderful, colorful and joyful memories.

1、Guests and friends gather together,rainbow 2、Cool screen  3、Very handsome and very beautiful host  4、Speech by CEO Ke and CEO Yang  5、 Collective chorus "the song of the man of the China Economic" "the China Economicis a family"  6、共话友情,把酒言欢        7、做游戏、抽红包、抽大奖,一片欢腾的气氛