CEO Yue Zengmin meets with Mr.Vladimir Starikovskiy, CEO of Russia VASSA LIMTED

Issuing time:2018-12-13 15:49

On December 13, 2018, Ms. Yue zengmin, CEO of China Economic International Energy Investing Management Group Co.,LTD, met with Mr.Vladimir Starikovskiy,CEO of Russia VASSA LIMTED.微信图片_20181213134446.jpg

(First left:Andrei Abramovich,general director of VASSA.  Second left:Vladimir Starikovskiy,CEO of VASSA.   Second right:Robert H.Ghim,sales director of VASSA.)

This visit included Mr.Vladimir Starikovskiy,CEO of VASSA LIMTED.Mr.Andrei Abramovich,general director of VASSA LIMTED.Mr.Robert H.Ghim,sales director of VASSA LIMTED.The talks laid the foundation for long-term oil import and export cooperation in the future.


VASSA LIMITED is the general agent of Russia's three largest oil and gas companies, Rosneft, Gazprom and Lukoil,the company has more than twenty years of experience in oil service.And its main types of activity are bunkering of vessels, supply of crude oil, petroleum/petrochemical products.