China Economic International Group leaders went to study in yan 'an

Issuing time:2019-02-14 14:55


On February 11, 2019, as in previous years, on the first working day after people were still immersed in the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, Comrade A Bo DuˑKe Ri MuˑWu Xu Er, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the China Economic International Group, led the "senior leaders of China Economic International Group to Yan 'an to study the spirit of hard work". More than 40 leaders of the group, Braved the Cold Spring, went to northern Shaanxi to accept the spirit of the revolutionary Holy Land Yan 'an baptism.

Yan 'an, located on the Loess Plateau in the northwestern part of the country, was the starting point for the Chinese Communist Party to lead the RedArmy of the Workers and Peasants to the victory of the 25,000-mile Long March in 1935. It was also the starting point for the Chinese revolution to enter the country in 1948 and the great turning point of victory. It was also April 1948. Mao Zedong led the central authorities from northern Shaanxi to the departure place of Chengnanzhuang, the revolutionary base of Jinchaji. The Central Committee of the Party has worked hard for 13 years to win the great victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan.


On the afternoon of the 11th, when the delegation arrived in Yan 'an, it could not take care of the fatigue and hunger of the journey and went straight to the Yan' an Revolutionary Memorial Hall. Everyone took a group photo in front of the memorial hall and then entered the museum to visit and study, and then visited Zaoyuan of the old sites where Mao Zedong and other older generations of revolutionaries lived and the central government's war staff room and other important sites.

At dinner, Comrade A Bo DuˑKe Ri MuˑWu Xu Er said: We must be thankful for the hard work of the revolutionary predecessors and the establishment of a stable and prosperous country. We are grateful that we have grown up in such a great era. A stable and prosperous environment gives us the wings of talent, the pursuit of our dreams and the realization of our ideals. There is no reason why we should not develop or progress.


On the morning of the 12th, the delegation held a symposium on the theme of "learning the spirit of Yan 'an and continuing to struggle hard." At the meetingin combination with the work tasks, development goals and national economic situation of China Economic International Group in 2019, comrade Ke Ri Mu first proposed, "as the senior leaders of China Economic International Group, why should we visit and study in the red education base or revolutionary holy land where the communist party of China worked hard in those years on the first working day after the Spring Festival every year?Around this issue, Comrade Ke Ri Mu made a special speech and pointed out: We must continue to work hard to learn the Yan 'an spirit. If we want better and rapid development, we must draw strength from the spirit of Yan 'an. We must integrate the political direction, ideological line, fundamental purpose and entrepreneurial spirit embodied in the spirit of Yan' an into the work of China Economic International Group.


Inspired by Comrade Ke Ri Mu's speech, the leaders of the various groups have spoken and talked about the study, understanding and discussion through full exchanges and discussions in the light of the prospects for International Development, the challenges they face and the realities of the work of their respective groups. We all believe that learning from the Yan 'an spirit,China Economic International Group and Social Council should make it a firm and correct political direction for our enterprises to love the Party's patriotism and actively assume corporate social responsibility for the realization of the Chinese dream. In all the work of enterprise development, we must adhere to the ideological line of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, and make China Economic International Group bigger and stronger, to create a first-class brand and to build a century-long history. It also establishes the spirit of "self-reliance and hard work" among all employees of China Economic International Group.


After the meeting, when the delegation bid farewell to Yan 'an, it Made a special visit to the old site of the Central Auditorium at the Seventh Congress of the Party Central Committee and the old homes where the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries such as Mao Zedong, Zhu De, and Zhou Enlai had lived and worked at Yangjialing. Feeling the leaders under difficult circumstances, Commanding the brilliant process of the Chinese revolution, through vivid and detailed images and scenes, everyone deeply understood the greatness of Yan 'an spirit.

Through the visit and study of the revolutionary holy places, the senior leaders of the China Economic International Group leaders were deeply moved by the Great spirit of the older generations of revolutionaries who were not afraid of hardships and hardships and did not fear sacrifice. The leaders were deeply inspired and educated. They said that they must inherit and carry forward the revolutionary tradition, earnestly study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, roll up their sleeves and work hard, work hard and struggle hard to make the country strong and work hard to create happiness. To add to the building of socialism and contribute to the realization of the great Chinese dream.